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We will be on the move! Check in often to see our specials and location.

About Us

We are here because of you!

Since 2002 my wife and I have hosted a backyard BBQ party with over 100 guests.  At each party, someone would pull me aside and tell me that I really should try to sell my BBQ.  Year after year, I would toss the idea around of starting my own business.  Finally Amy said that if I don’t do it, I would always regret not trying.  She was absolutely right!

The next step was to have a custom 18′ trailer built, with a complete kitchen and serving area.  Attached to the trailers 6′ porch is a state of the art 1000 pound, wood burning rotisserie smoker, custom built too.  The smoker is capable of over 100 pounds of meat per cook.  Everything is SLOWLY cooked for up to 12 hours with hardwood oak.

There are not really any secrets to making great BBQ, but there aren’t any shortcuts either.

Come try what time, patience and love can produce!