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I’m half way there

March 3, 2016 · by Mark Wieland · No Comments

There trailer is home.  I knew there would be some bumps in the road and there were.  I drove to Georgia and arrived bright and early to hitch up my trailer and head north.  I found out immediately that I needed a $50 gizmo that you use inside your vehicle to adjust the electric brakes on the trailer.  Without it, your trailer has no brakes and your cars brakes are not powerful enough to be safe.  No problem, every auto parts store has the gizmo.  What they didn’t have was the connector cord that is specific to my vehicle.  Bottom line, an extra day in Georgia while the auto parts store overnights the cable I need.  Okay, next day, bright and early to pickup the trailer with my gizmo and overnighted cord.  I hitch everything up and the gizmo does not power up, and half the lights on the trailer don’t work.  The trailer guys spend a couple of hours trouble shooting and find a wire that they had shorted out with a random screw.  Problem solved.  At least on their end.  Still when I hooked up my truck, the lights did not work correctly and it was thought that my truck had a blown fuse.  They were right, but it took another 45 minutes to get to the bottom of it.

I knew it was going to come at some point and it did.  It was the WTF am I doing moment.  The whole reality of starting a new business, buying a trailer, getting a smoker, driving the whole mess home etc.  That passed after a while thankfully.  Mostly because the first couple of hours driving a trailer were pretty scary.  The trailer is 2 feet wider than my truck on either side.  You constantly have to remind yourself that you have something behind you, because each time you have to negotiate between something, you have to factor in the extra 4 feet total.  In addition, and more difficult, when you exit the highway to refuel, which is every 2 hours because you are getting 9 mile to the gallon, you need to be careful.  The trailer is like pulling a train behind you.  The extra length requires you to make extra wide turns that turn out to be ridiculously wide, other wise you are going to clip or hit something with the trailer.

The last tricky part it that having a trailer puts you out of the normal car category, but you are no where close to the “big rig” category.  You kind of get tangled up with the truckers because we are all going the relative same speed, but they are showing no mercy for the goofy red trailer with the porch on the back.

Long story short, if it’s not too late, everything is home safe and sound and ready for some short hauls around the Baltimore area. After the smoker arrives of course.  That is another story for another day.



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