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I’m heading south.

February 26, 2016 · by Mark Wieland · No Comments

My original plan was to have my custom made smoker shipped from Sikeston, Missouri to Waycross, Georgia where the trailer was built.  The trailer folks would then attach the smoker to the porch of the trailer and I would head back home.  Well, there has been one big obstacle.  The smoker people are running  3 weeks behind, have stopped answering my phone calls and emails and have a $3,000 deposit!!!  It has gotten bad enough that a lawyer is now involved.  So much for the original plan.

There are many hoops to jump through.  One of them is to get all of the necessary licenses and permits.  The health department has to inspect my trailer, deem it worthy, and then I can get my “license to cook”.  (That would have been a good name for my business!).  After they inspect it, it can take up to a month to get my license, so I need to get the trailer now and worry about the smoker later in order to come close to my April 1 start date.

This was to be a great adventure involving a couple of buddies.  One of them played the “My daughter is having a baby any day now” card.  Another is visiting his son in Wyoming and my most loyal friend is traveling the upper north west for the first time drinking cocktails and eating oysters. (Sounds more fun than my trip.)

So off I go alone.  Getting there should not be so bad.  I’m going to take the scenic route and stop in Asheville, NC to see my friends Phil and Ona.  I’ll spend the night and head the rest of the way to Georgia on Sunday and be ready to pickup the trailer on Monday morning.  Heading back, I will shoot straight up 95 for 12 hours and be home.  In theory!

The towing part has many variables.  Is my Honda Ridgeline powerful enough?  Will the plugs and attachments work on the trailer?  Are my mirrors wide enough to see past the trailer?  Etc. etc.  My trailer is a huge shoe box standing about 8 feet high.  I have heard that when towing one of these, the wind resistance is so great that it cuts your mileage in half and you are constantly refueling.  For me that means going from 18 to 9 mpg.

Stay tuned!

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