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It’s coming together!

March 15, 2016 · by Mark Wieland · 1 Comment

My smoker was finally completed after the constant nagging from myself and a lawyer.  Cadillac Cookers was also dragging their feet on getting it delivered, so I decided to rent a U-haul trailer, drive to Missouri and get it myself.  One of the first things I learned is that when you order a 30″x60″ smoker, those are not the total dimensions.  It does not account for the fire box, the warming chamber, the front shelf and a bunch of handles and things that stick out.  Bottom line, It fit in the 5×8 trailer just barely.  The next fear was how it was going to fit on the trailer 14 hours away!  I have a friend with a metal shop and he offered to help get the cooker onto my trailer porch with a fork lift.  Again, it barely made it left to right and when it sat on the porch, there was not going to be much room for me to work behind it.  The solution  was to manufacture a support beam that extended the cooker off the back by a few inches.  That worked perfectly,  the only thing left to do is to run the smoke stacks through the roof.  I did manage to run a couple of temporary smoke stacks out of the porch area and do a test run.

The smoker cooks better than I could have hoped for.  It is made of very heavy gauge metal, so when you get it up to temperature, it will pretty much stay there if you continue to keep an eye on the fire.  It likes to be around 225 which is the perfect cooking temperature.  I also ordered the model with a gas assist on the end of the fire box.  When you start your fire, if you turn the gas on, it shoots a jet engine sounding flame at your wood and gets it going in no time!  It is set on a thermostat so that if you fall asleep during your cook, it will kick in at 225 and not let things cool down.  This is the first time I cooked on a rotisserie cooker, and I have to say, I love it.  It takes away most of the hot spots so you don’t have to rotate the meat so much and it is also self basting.

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1 Response to “It’s coming together!”

  1. Denise Stanco April 3, 2016 at 6:48 pm Reply

    Hey Mark and Amy,

    Awesome finish to a hectic start to your first day. I just spent two days off and on reading your blog. The entire thing! I loved hearing about the the high (and low…sorry) points. Very interesting. I can tell you are detailed and enthusiastic about this project. I wish you all the best and by the looks of that crowd on opening day it’s already a hit. I know you’re tired but please…keep up the good work. Denise (I work for Reggie)

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