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We will be on the move! Check in often to see our specials and location.


This Guy Is Rocking It!!!
The lines really speak for just how good the food is!
Trust me, you definitely want to get signed up for alerts.
Tuesdays, Totally Awesome Baby Back Ribs!
Wednesdays, Big, Plump, Perfectly Smoked Chickens!
Saturdays, The Best Brisket in Town & Pulled Pork Too!
Free parking & indoor seating. Well worth the wait!!!
There’s a rumor going around that they will be @ Frederick
Rd. Fridays in The ‘Ville this summer! Yep, Life Really Is
Great Here in 21228!  Scott S.

Me and my husband got the brisket this afternoon it was wonderful!!!!! The brisket my so lean that my toddler was able to eat with out a problem and he lived it!!!! The owners of this truck were very nice line wasn’t long and when they are in the Catonsville elicott city area again I will stop for lunch.  Nichole T.

What could be better than Saturday afternoon BBQ?   If you’re in Catonsville, nothing!  This Flexitarian is now a full fledged carnivore on the weekends 🙂 The meat is so tender.  Brisket that melts in your mouth.  Pulled pork with a smokey flavor that comes from wood, not liquid!   Get there early as they sell till it’s sold out. Looking forward to Saturday!  Trish M.

The real deal and as good as it gets east of Austin Texas and North of Lexington North Carolina.   Baltimore now has great BBQ.  Jerry S.

Saturday afternoons, brisket, and pulled pork.  What could be better.  If you’re in Catonsville, Oella, Ellicott CIty, or just passing through and are on Frederick Road on Saturdays make sure you stop.  Mark gets his grass fed beef from a local butcher.  Yum.  His sandwiches have a healthy portion of meat.  You won’t go hungry.  There’s a nice fenced yard for the kids to play while you’re waiting.  You can even take a number so you don’t lose your place in line.  Check out his custom made Cadillac Cooker, a rotating masterpiece of stainless steel and iron.  On occasion a local musician will be there to entertain you while you wait for your sammich.  Enjoy your hot food in the nice quaint, eclectic seating area.  Browse the indoors for a bargain.  Most of the pieces are marked and offered for sale by local businesses like Objects Found, also located in Catonsville.  Denise S.

If you’re looking for the best bbq in the Baltimore area then you need to come here. I heard of Wieland’s by word of mouth. I’m always looking for the best food around and this bbq just happens to come from a food truck in Catonsville. On Saturdays they serve both brisket and pulled pork sandwiches. I went with the brisket sandwich and I’m ready to go back for another. Scrumptious beyond belief. They don’t skimp either. Those sandwiches are packed full. Excellent customer service and their prices are very reasonable. Now I’m anxious to try everything they have to offer. Go visit them. You won’t be sorry.  Hope A.

If you’re in Catonsville or thereabouts on a Saturday, you owe it to yourself to stop by Wieland’s BBQ for lunch. That guy KNOWS brisket and that guy KNOWS pulled pork.  Great portions and good sides.  Will H.

I am a long-time friend of Mark’s, a bbq connoisseur who has had it all over the country, and one of the people who implored him, after one of his annual cookouts, to share his bbq gifts with the world.  I have enjoyed all of the menu offerings and recommend them all highly, but especially the brisket on weekends and ribs on Tuesdays, both with the (homemade) tangy Carolina-style sauce.  Get there early on weekends before the juicy brisket sells out, but try everything.  It’s a wonderful gift to have such excellent bbq in Catonsville; for those of you reading this from elsewhere, it’s definitely worth the drive.  Doug N.

Living in Catonsville has its perks, including amazing food. Thanks to mark Wieland (also an incredible hotel/resort photographer btw) we have BBQ which will soon be a destination for many.
Brisket has perfect texture, and taste is more than you can imagine and I can describe.
Get it, have the pork as dessert.  Gary D.

Yum!  Hubs and I tried the pork and brisket sandwich combos. Both platters were extremely generous with mouth-watering meats!  We sampled the Kansas City and Carolina sauces- both great; I preferred the sweet KC and Hubs is always partial to the vinegary Carolina. The baked beans were chockfull of onions and chunks of meat and deliciously seasoned. The cole slaw was fresh and crisp; but I would have liked it to have a little more zip.  However, the neutral taste of the cabbage was a nice balance to the zesty meats and beans. I enjoyed the atmosphere of the BBQ stop. It’s right on Frederick Rd with easy parking- when I got out of the car, I was welcomed with the delicious, smokey smells of fresh BBQ!  The old produce stand has been repurposed with an eclectic collection of chairs and tables so you, your family, and friends can gather and dine comfortably.  There is even a clean bathroom!
The meat, beans, and service is 5 stars for sure!  The bathroom does have 1 step up to get in and the dining area may be stuffy on a hot day. Hubs and I enjoyed our BBQ on the breezy covered porch and listened to some great classic music. We felt like we were at a backyard party!  We ordered an extra brisket sandwich to take home to our teen.  His sandwich had delicious, tender, thick cuts of brisket and said its the best he’s ever had!  Check Wieland’s BBQ on Facebook to be sure when they will next be open so you don’t miss out on this weekly treat!  Valerie T.

As I sit here wiping sauce from my chin, I can safely declare that I am furious with my wife…for not finding out about Wieland’s before now!!!! We got the ribs and they were amazing. They may have been the best I’ve ever had. Perfectly cooked, and so well seasoned I could have skipped the sauce. But I’m glad I didn’t. The Carolina had a nice heat and a great flavor and the KC was a little peppery and perfectly sweet. We’ll definitely be back! Thank you for bringing such excellent BBQ to Baltimore. Dan R.

Loved best Brisket ever tasted 5 Stars live down the street will ve back.  Steve W.