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Pitt Boss

Mark Wieland




From Photography to BBQ

We are here because of you!

Since 2002 my wife and I have hosted a backyard BBQ party with over 100 guests.  At each party, someone would pull me aside and tell me that I really should try to sell my BBQ.  Year after year, I would toss the idea around of starting my own business.  Finally Amy said that if I don’t do it, I would always regret not trying.  She was absolutely right!

After taking the plunge I had a custom trailer and state of the art rotisserie smoker built and set up shop down the road in a parking lot across from the horse farm.  Our opening day we had a line about 100 people deep!  It didn't take long until we outgrew our spot and decided to move into downtown Catonsville.  We have a unique setup.  Our trailer lives in the courtyard behind our building.  We still cook and operate out of it as usual, but now, you order inside our space and we run the food into you.  Just like a real restaurant!



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